Born in 1943 in Champagne sur Oise, France, Jean Claude Tron began to paint at the age of thirteen. Despite fulfilling numerous commissions and holding exhibitions of his work at several prestigious galleries, Jean Claude did not begin to dedicate all his energies to painting until 1990. Since then he has seen his reputation grow steadily throughout Europe and the United States, where is work is in constant demand and his original paintings sell for commanding prices.

Jean-Claude TRON is passionate about the southern region of France, in particular Provence, and this remains his essential source of inspiration. The extravagance of colours in his palette betrays the influence of Fauvist Expressionism, featuring brillant yellow, deep azure blues, strong reds, shades of violet and just a touch of vivid green. His airy canvases are characterised by a simplicity of form which represents the natural order of the countryside, while the thickly applied blocks of colour make the fields vibrate with light.

"I do not paint formal landscapes that represent a particular place which then bind us. I prefer a different world, a world that radiates warmth and happiness, leaving space to dream..."


An unpredicable magician

For Jean Claude Tron, painting is a mood. The immense variety of his palette is that of impassioned man and reflects the hulls and storms of life. Tron unexpectedly contrasts chromatic violence with an extreme gentleness. His unpredictable colors ensnare the eye, which remains rapt, fascinated and curious. His cavalcade of colors seduces the viewer ; joy and jubilation dominate his works, thanks to his stunning chromatic inventiveness. Despite this unbelivale variety, " a tron " always remains instantly recognizable, not the least of the paradoxes of his innovative compositions rich with myriad detours.


The airy architecture of Tron's canvases give forth a sense of purity that tends to tip his limpid scenes into the unreal. His works emit an aura rooted in the depth of the the tones and the vigor of the line. It is a generous and careful art whose links to the abstract give, with grate succes, a articularly elegant result.

Marie-Pierre Bonniel - Univers des Arts


For several years now, the paintings of Jean Claude Tron have become very popular, constantly talked about by the art-loving public. The secret behind this succes ? Contemporary, lively, inventive painting executed with total freedom of expression.

Jean-Louis Avril - Univers des Arts